Success stories

Success stories

Financial sector


BCI Bank requests certain developments to implement Salesforce in the company, from scratch. Two key points stand out:

  • Migrate information from your own internal systems and replace those based on obsolete and difficult-to-maintain technology with scalable cloud solutions.
  • Understand existing data models and adapt them to Salesforce, as well as integrate Salesforce solutions with other Bank systems.

We achieved a successful implementation of the Salesforce Financial Services data model adapted to the Bank’s needs.

We created the 360° view of the user, which allows the Bank to have a total vision of the client: number of cards, number of accounts, returned checks, among other aspects.

Finally, we integrate Salesforce with financial risk centers to favor the granting of loans or credits by the Bank.

Airline Sector
British Airways / Iberia​


British Airways and Iberia request that travel agencies be able to change itineraries, add passengers, change flight categories, cancel reservations, see the status of each of these requests, among other needs.


We established functionality so that the end user could request changes to the existing reservation, view and manage their own cases (incidents) and review their progress.

We integrate Salesforce to the legacy reservation system, which has all the reservation information (journey data, passenger information, flight category, etc).

We created a custom community in LWC, developing components that were totally reusable, improving the usability of this solution for the company. Additionally, we created a CSS that allows to have all the design styles unified, in such a way that they agree with those that the client has.

Technological Sector


Indeed needs a partner to implement and maintain Salesforce CPQ with Docusign, due to the particular internal process they have from the company and the products they offer.


We implement CPQ and make other adjustments so that it adapts to the needs of the client. To do this, we create price rules, product rules, budget templates and other LWC developments integrated with the CPQ functionalities in order to customize the tool according to business needs.

Finally, we connect and configure the Docusign flow (tool used for digital signatures), so that clients can sign estimates, contracts, etc., thus optimizing the entire process.

Retail Sector
Honeywell Resideo


When Honeywell acquires the Resideo company, new needs arose at the business level, starting with integrating and merging the two Salesforce environments (which until then each company had been using independently). In addition, they were working with the classic version of Salesforce and a migration to the Lighting version was required.


In the discovery stage, we investigated the metadata that needed to be migrated to the new Salesforce Org, in what order, and what objects needed to be included. Once this diagnosis was made, the metadata was integrated into the new environment, merging their respective record types, page layouts and other components.

Once the migration is finished, we analyze the service flow and replace some visualforce and Javascript buttons with LWC (Lightning Web Components), in order to complement the flow.

Hospital Sector & Health Care
Albert Einstein


The Israelite Albert Einstein Hospital implements Salesforce in its organization and needs the tool for internal personnel management, such as that its doctors can apply for job vacancies, request promotions, include family members, generate profiles, among others.


We created a community (Digital Experience), enabling doctors to include family members in their profile and request benefits. In addition, with this space, doctors can now manage their own documents such as titles, diplomas, courses or any documentation that can help improve their profile and strengthen their experiences.

We created a flow that allows, on the one hand, doctors to view possible vacancies within their private community and that they can apply to them by attaching documents and filling in forms. All this information is stored in Salesforce and is used together with other processes (Lighting flows and LWC) so that the personnel in charge of the hospital can validate, approve and/or reject these requests.

Audit Sector


Deloitte implements Orchestra CMS as its content management solution in a Salesforce community, but due to its high cost and complexity in customizing components, the company decides to switch to Salesforce CMS.


We created a community (Digital Experience) CMS, configured the entire environment and performed the migration of articles from Orchestra CMS to Salesforce. We set up articles to be available in multiple languages. For its part, for the management of «event generation», we create LWC and customized navigation panels to meet the specific needs of the client. Finally, we publish the community with Salesforce Mobile Publisher so that it is accessible from different mobile devices.